We are two brothers, Nick and Rick, who started a company in 2006. We started out with only a single mandrel tube bender and full Snap On tool chest. Our business back then was as it is now, Performance!


We were both born with the passion for performance and the hands for fabrication. Since we were kids growing up we would put our minds together to make anything we had perform better. From modifying our Nerf guns until they were no longer safe for children, to finding more explosive fuels to power our home made spud launcher. There was nothing that could stop us from making the things we had around us perform better.  

This obsession with performance translated itself more specifically into cars and trucks. We used what we had to the best of our ability to make cars and trucks perform better. We did everything from suspension kits to engine builds. Slowly we began to focus on our strength, exhaust systems. We built the best custom stainless steel performance exhaust systems in town. Our reputation grew and through word of mouth and a home made website we were booked up solid building custom performance exhaust systems.

We always believed that if the recipe sucks, it doesn’t matter how good a cook you are.

It is because of this philosophy that we always used the best possible ingredients for our exhaust systems. We had 304 stainless steel tube, we had our mandrel bender, we had all the proper flanges and hardware in stainless steel but the only things we had to outsource (at the time) were mufflers. Would’t you know that the mufflers we used were always the only week link in our exhaust systems. Either the mufflers were too loud, too restrictive, not as advertised, failed after 3 months, or there just wasn’t a model available that would fit the vehicle. Once again our obsession with making things better came into effect. We set out to make a new muffler that would encompass all of the strengths of the mufflers we’ve worked with, and none of the flaws. 

The result was the birth of Cortek Hand Crafted Mufflers. Starting from a blank canvas we decided to design our new muffler to perform the best in every way; sound, power, versatility and longevity. Instead of designing something around the capabilities of our machinery, we designed it to be the best it can be, and then set out to find machinery that could do the job. After the long and painful process of sourcing equipment and developing the methods for consistent quality muffler production, Cortek is finally alive and kicking. 


Every Cortek muffler is assembled in house by the hands of our skilled team. Precision machinery and qualified operators transform raw materials into the key components of our mufflers. Each muffler is built with pride and cared for like it is our own.

We know what it’s like to see a client smile when they start their car for the first time. They go around the block for a test drive and come back giggling. They say “great job” and smile as they pay their bill. The next time they call us is to bring in another car for the same treatment. We build each one of our mufflers with customer satisfaction in mind. Although custom exhaust fabrication will always be a hobby, our business is now supplying other performance exhaust shops and home fabricators with Cortek mufflers, so that they too can experience the satisfaction of a job well done.