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Oval 5” x 8” x 18” long center/center 3” in/out

Cortek Mufflers are built using 304-grade American-forged stainless steel, packed with long-lasting fiberglass and wrapped with a stainless-steel mesh for long-lasting durability and performance. The high performance mufflers use more perforations per square inch allowing for more even sound distribution through the sound-absorbing fiberglass. Rather than deadening your exhaust note, this unique design creates a quieter, smoother and deeper tone.

Product Specifications:

  • Body Shape:Oval
  • Body Height:5.3"
  • Body Length:18"
  • Body Width:8.4"
  • Core Configuration:Straight
  • Core Diameter:3"
  • Inlet Diameter:3.00" - 3.00"
  • Inlet Location:Center
  • Overall Length:22"
  • Outlet Diameter:3"
  • Offset Center Distance:No
  • Offset Offset Distance:No
  • Position:Center / Center