About us

As brothers growing up, we always liked cars that sounded fast and could back it up with great performance. When we started installing exhaust systems for a living, we were disappointed at what the big brands had to offer. Their mufflers were made of inferior materials, had inadequate exhaust flow and cracked easily because of their poor designs.  It was getting harder and harder to sell products we didn’t believe in to our customers.

Through rigorous testing of various designs in different weather and road conditions since 2007, we’ve designed a muffler that is so efficient that it can significantly boost power and torque while delivering impressive sound quality. We’re the only brand in the industry to offer a unique one-piece, seamless core that’s been designed for maximum exhaust flow. Built from 100% high quality North American stainless steel to be more resistant to heat and stress for a longer lasting useful life. We use only the best materials and craftsmen in our production process.

Cortek customers know that we have mufflers for any type of installation; carrying over 300 different styles, sizes and configurations that come in many innovative designs and shapes for street and racing cars. We are proud to say that we offer one of the largest selections of universal mufflers available from any company on the market. And we back up our products with a lifetime warranty.

With more than 20 years of combined experience, we’re known around the industry for our meticulous workmanship and strong attention to detail. From our facilities in Ontario, Canada, we are able to manufacture the highest quality performance stainless steel automotive mufflers and exhaust systems available in North America. With Cortek Performance Mufflers and Exhaust System Components, all can customers and distributors benefit from our unrelenting commitment to quality of products and customer service.