Why choose Cortek

The 10 Reasons to Buy Cortek Performance Mufflers and Exhaust System Components

  1. Only the Highest Quality Materials
    Cortek Performance Mufflers are made from only the finest 100% Stainless Steel T-304 construction in North America and are always packed and assembled by hand. Your muffler is manufactured by skilled craftsmen; ensuring a clean, consistent look that’ll make your vehicle standout from the rest. We only use the right sound dampening material for the right application ultra-high temp fibreglass for street vehicles with extra layers of coarse stainless steel wool wrapping for race vehicles, so you get the right sound and maximum longevity for your application.

  2. Durable and Reliable Performance Parts
    We know that Cortek Performance Mufflers are more durable than the rest because we use thicker T-304 stainless steel which stands up more to heat and stress. They are all TIG welded, for better heat control, maximum strength and zero rust. Their innovative, seamless, one piece cores virtually eliminate any splitting or misalignment.
    All of our performance mufflers are tightly packed with super high heat sound dampening material, so there isn’t any burning, powdering or wear and tear due to vibration and/or heat. On race series mufflers the perforated core has been double wrapped with stainless steel wool for added protection from thermal breakdown to prevent the fibreglass from being pulled through the core by high velocity exhaust gasses.

  3. Powerful and Versatile
    Cortek Performance Mufflers, inch for inch, are the quietest straight through mufflers on the market. They have been designed to take full advantage of all the available interior space without any loss of power. After running a series of tests on sound dampening materials and core designs we use only the highest ranking for each, ensuring the optimal material and core combination. This gives you the greatest possible control over the sound of your vehicle. Cortek Performance Mufflers can make your street machine as loud as you want or your race car as quiet as you need.

  4. Unique Mono-Core Design for High Flow and Better Performance
    We know that performance is affected by inadequate exhaust flow. That’s why we’ve developed a unique, mandrel bent, one piece core that provides maximum exhaust flow by causing zero restriction.
    And we didn’t stop there. Our core has more perforations than a welded core, allowing for maximum sound energy to penetrate the sound dampening material allowing less noise to escape the muffler.
    Our innovative designs have many benefits including better performance due to less interior obstructions and higher velocity during peak performance because of a consistent interior core diameter. And our mufflers are easy to install because of their properly expanded and perfectly aligned, slip on inlet and outlets. Our cores are dimensionally consistent for exhaust fabricators and all our mufflers are reversible for maximum versatility .

  5. Handcrafted Mufflers Built in North America
    Our skilled craftsmen build our products domestically, using only North American materials. We guarantee that we use only the highest quality parts in our performance mufflers and exhaust system components, while implementing stringent quality controls in our production processes. We take pride in the workmanship of our products.

  6. Extensive Research and Development
    Continuous R&D and product testing since 2006, has allowed us to develop our line of high performance mufflers based on the markets’ strengths and weaknesses. With investments in specialized machinery, we’ve designed a universal muffler that improves upon the competition’s flaws and shortcomings. We are confident in saying that we produce the highest quality, best performing and most reliable universal muffler on the market.

  7. Innovation and Large Product Selection
    When you shop at an approved dealer or distributor, you know that you’ll be able to find a Cortek performance muffler for every application. We are committed to offering one of the largest selections and a wide variety of over 300 different styles, sizes and configurations of universal mufflers. We have specially designed our mufflers with innovative shapes to take full advantage of limited under body space. We've got mufflers to suit anything from a lowered sports compact or high dollar exotic to a competition dragster or custom rock crawler.

  8. You’re Always Protected with our Lifetime Warranty
    You can rest assured that you’ll always be protected, we warrant our products from any defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product. We’ll replace the product or any defective part, free of charge, for as long as you own the product. If you have any problems with a Cortek product, involving either installation or performance, please contact us and the dealer or distributor and we’ll take all of the necessary steps to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

  9. Quick-ship program
    You know that you won’t have to wait too long if your muffler or part isn’t in stock. Our Quick Ship program ensures that we can ship your muffler or exhaust system components within 24 hours. Special order muffler models and exhaust system components may take 5-7 days.

  10. Value
    Rather than build the lowest cost muffler and sell it at its highest price, we work tirelessly to be able to manufacture the highest quality of mufflers at the most competitive prices. We truly believe that we have developed performance mufflers that are superior to the competitions’ in every way. We are constantly adding new products and improving existing products with manufacturing and material advancements. The Cortek Advantage is our promise of excellence.